Sensory Regulation for Childhood Trauma

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Overview: An introductory level course recorded with an audience of mental health workers in the foster care field.  First 15 minutes describes role of OT in this setting.  Remaining 1.5 hours goes deeper into how trauma effects sensory regulation with practical treatments for regulation of children who have experienced trauma.

Course Objectives:
  • Identify how trauma effects the brain and sensory regulation.
  • Examine practical strategies for OT in relation to a trauma lens.
Education Level: Beginner
Cost: $30
Instructor: Marti Smith, OTR/L
Contact: E-Mail or (512) 522-0762.

A certificate for two participation hours will be awarded at the end of the workshop.
Learners will be required to complete a multiple choice evaluation at the end of each learning activity in order to receive CEU credit documentation.

Certificates will be sent to registered email at the conclusion of on-site workshops. Participants can download documentation after a web based learning. Distance learning will receive documentation within two weeks of submission of evaluation.

Workshop Agenda
Minutes: 0-14
What is trauma informed OT?
Minutes: 14-35
How trauma effects Sensory Regulation
Minutes: 35-40
Brain development in regards to trauma
Minutes: 40-1:20
Examining regulation with a trauma lens
Minutes: 1:20-1:44
Practical Strategies for trauma treatment